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See What Kind Of Impact You Can Make As A Chartered Memory Steward
We Educate & Professionally Certify Memory Stewards

Set Your CPA Apart

Next Level Professional Skill Set
With Boundless Possibilities

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Theoretical Underpinnings
Intangible Assets Drive Business Success

What's In It For You As A CPA?

Enhanced Designation

Tangible Benefits
 Superior Rewards From
Increased Expertise & Professional Value Added
 To Fewer Better Clients Or One Really Good One
Offer Higher Value Services 

Image Benefits
Chief Steward Of Strategic Memories
Genuine Commitment To Success Of Those You Serve
Leading Edge Thinking & Increased Professional Prestige
Positive Perceptions
Potential For Significant Impact On Community

Business Benefits
Highly Defensible Competitive Edge
Work From Anywhere, Any Device, Any Time
Mutual Support Via Strategic Archives CMS Community
Tools & Know How To Add To Your Arsenal
Opportunities Everywhere
Build Communities of Practice Around Important
Activities and Envisioned Outcomes

Awesome Succession Planning Tool
A Business With Its Memories Intact Is Worth More

                                         There Are Important Strategic Memories To Keep
                                     Numbers Is Only One of Them


Take Your CPA To The Next Level
CPA V2.0
Be The Envy Of Your Peers

Ask Powerful Questions
Organize Around Envisioned End States
Create & Moderate Communities of Practice
Lever Valuable Intangible Assets

CPA Canada Does Not Endorse
 The CMS Designation In Any Way
On The Other Hand,
We Feel CPAs Are Uniquely Qualified
To Blossom As Memory Stewards

Which Is Why Only CPAs
Can Attain The CMS Designation


What's In It For Those You Serve?



Succession Planning
Building A Smarter Organization
Building More Valuable Businesses

   Organized Environment
                        That Looks Like How They Need To Be Remembered

Transform How Clients Work

Organize Around Important Discussions, Decisions, Activities,  Resources & Outcomes, All Aligned With Your Envisioned End State

Collaborate & Communicate Securely Via An On Line Community You Can Access From Anywhere, Any Time And Any Device

Learn Better & Work Smarter As You Remember More And Gain Oversight

Keep What People Remember When They Go Home At Night, Sometimes For Good

Experienced Benefits

You may not get them all right away,
but implement a Community of Practice
and the following benefits are within reach.

Why Keep Organized Memories?
A business, and any complex entity for that matter,
is in the minds and imaginations and memories of the
people who engage in discussions, decisions and
activities, and who deploy their resources towards
some envisioned end state that serves the
raison d’etre of the business

Of What You Do?
Management Centric
Improved oversight over business
Direct access to business operations
Focused Organization Of Activities

Better communication & collaboration
 Better planning and coordination
Access to Quality ideas & discussions
Learning Better strategies & tactics
People Centric
Smarter collaboration around outcomes
Better access to group minds
Better access to solutions
Better decision making
Improved skills and methods
More shared best practices
Improved learning and development
Organization Centric
Retention of strategic know-how
Better organization of activities
Improved discussions
Better learning questions
 Development of learning culture
Better problem resolution
More ideas and opportunities
Increase in product innovation

CMS Candidate Information

All Candidate Work Is Done On Line
 Via Self Study, Small Group Webinars and
In The Strategic Archives Development Forum

Free Learning Materials

We  Set Professional & Ethical Standards For Chartered Memory Stewards

120 Hours of Certified Professional Development*
  Designation and Certified Hours of Professional Development Awarded Upon Successful Course Completion
*Actual Candidate Time Taken May Vary As Success Is Evaluated Based On Results Achieved. Read More About The Course Below
Recognized Outcome
The Objective Is For You To Become Proficient at Professionally Creating And Maintaining
Private and Secure Cloud Based Collaboration Communities Using Simple Machines*
*Simple Machines OSS is our recommended standard As A Privately Hosted, Fully Featured Community Forum

Minimum Design Standards
Professional Level Expertise In Building Private, Secure, Cloud Based Communities of Practice Around Tailored Taxonomies
That Reflect And Look Like What a Business Does And Should And Could Be Doing

Designation Standards

Professionally Organize, Curate & Contribute To
Strategically Important Business Memories, Know-how and NOWledge

Ability To See Beyond Numbers To The Currency Of Resources
Understand The Importance Of People Discussions Decisions Activities & Resources As Organizing Principles
Embrace Management By Question
See What Is Possible As A CMS

Course Description & How To Register

Designed Outcome
An enhanced professional designation, a valuable service model, and open source technology you can use to organize an on line, private, secure environment wherein a group can collaborate towards their envisioned end state

Note Exact Times & Allocations Will Differ. That Difference Will Be Due To Individual Candidate Capabilities And Situation . Key Is To Be Ready For Formal Candidate Assessment By The Registrar

You Will Be Evaluated On A Combination Of Learning & Understanding & Outcomes and a Readiness Assessment

       Once The Registrar Recognizes You Can

Professionally Create, Administer & Contribute
To Private, Secure, Cloud Based Collaboration Communities
Designed To Capture Strategic Knowledge, Know How and

You Will Be Awarded The
Chartered Memory Steward Designation

Membership Recognition Kit Will Be Shipped

Deliver Your Services Using The Strategic Archives Community of Practice and Template

*While a member in good standing 
Info L inc currently owns and administers the CMS designation

Info L inc sees itself as the incubator of what will be a member owned and regulated designation. This is another reason this designation is only for duly designated Canadian CPAs and international equivalents

At some point in the future Info L inc will, subject to terms and conditions, transfer full ownership of the designation and its related IP to the membership

Registration Information
Name, Email, Verifiable Credential Identification
Physical Address, Telephone

$25 Per Hour Certified PD
 For Canadian CPA

Only Canadian Bank EFT
International U$ Wire Transfer

$2,995 + HST
 Enquire About Special  Introductory Course Fee

Tax Deductible, HST refundable

$825 + HST

     Annual Renewal Fees
    Designation and Resource Network Access
Tax Deductible, HST refundable


$2,399 U$ Course Fee
$785 U$ Annual Renewal Fees

Reserve For Fall 2019 Now


Introductory Price Available
ONLY to First 20 Candidates

This is an about 120 hour Self Study + Seminars + Practical Learning Time + You Demonstrating Capability and Readiness To Become a Chartered Memory Steward And Work With a CMS Designation. We take your CPA skills and add a focus on what a business is and does and looks like so you can better understand how it needs to be remembered.

Candidate Self Study Materials link to self learning resources that prepare you for the seminars and Strategic Archives interaction. 

Candidates also receive a copy of Wissensmanagement Forum's Illustrated Guide To Knowledge Management, arguably the best overview ever of the topic. We advise starting with it and glancing though it and getting the highlights. Then go through the other links and come back to the guide in the end and have a closer look.

Note it may take some candidates longer than 120 hours because they must demonstrate their competence and capability to create a Private, Secure Simple Machines Forum For A Community of Practice that reflects a chosen purpose. The Self Study Course is skewed towards business but Candidates can choose their purpose driven forum by declaring their intent and obtaining Certification of Registrar approval.

Live Google Hangout\alternative seminars are presented by Taxboard founder John B Voorpostel CPA, CA. Taxboard is the Leading Community Of Practice For Canadian Tax And Accounting Professionals. Blending his background in economics, accounting, business and tax,  and persectives  he's gained in his more than 35 years helping business owners and professionals make better business and financial decisions, John has assembled an arsenal of valuable resources for CPAs willing to invest in themselves.   

His accumulated business concepts and models and tools, some unique insights into what a business is and does and how it should be remembered, and his focus on Management By Questions skew the CMS towards a business oriented designation and solution. John takes your CPA skills and makes you look beyond the numbers and their reporting and disclosure to strategic resources, and shifts your focus from bookkeeping to purposefully organized strategic memories

Interaction with others in the Strategic Archives CMS Forum is a significant part of the learning experience and final candidate assessment is via the construction of their own Community of Practice with an accompanying implementation plan. Note this requires a web host with Cpanel which is the responsibility of the course participant. Web hosting plans with Cpanel are easy to obtain and cheap and tax deductible. If you have a website now, it's not a lot of work to get Simple Machines up and running

Designated CPA's automatically qualify for Taxboard membership, Canada's foremost Community of Practice for Canadian tax and accounting professionals. This Free Resource Has Membership Restrictions which Canadian CPAs meet

All CMS resources remain accessible to students and Corporate Memory Stewards in good standing. Over time, as the Strategic Archives CMS forum grows its membership, it can reach its vision of becoming a valuable repository of knowledge and know how relating to business oriented Communities of Practice. As it stands Strategic Archives can form the starter template for many kinds of businesses.

A CMS can apply their professional skills to any collaboration platform, but final qualification and award of the designation is based on student creating their own purposed forum using


                                                         A World Of Possibilities In Purpose

If You Decide To Register As A Candidate For The CMS Designation, We Have An Introductory Special.

Just Contact Us And Ask

As A CPA, You Are Also Eligible To Join
Taxboard, A Leading Community of Practice
For Canadian Tax & Accounting Professionals.

The CMS Welcome Email comes with

1) PDF File Of Best KM Summary Ever
2) Copy of Invoice as PDF

We Will Also Want Your
Meyers Briggs Typology
3) You Will Be Allowed Access Into The
Strategic Archives Development Forum,
A Starter Template For Businesses,
Where Candidates And Members Interact.

There You Will Learn Principles Of CoP
Design Around Their Purpose. You Will Also Gain Access To Additional Materials That Help You Professionally Deliver CMS Services.

Once You Are Comfortable You Can Submit Your Purposed Forum Proposal To The Membership Registrar
4) Designation Is Awarded When
Candidate Demonstrates Professional
Competence In Taxonomy Design And
Building A CoP Using Simple Machines.

The Member's Name Will Be Added To The
CMS Membership Rolls

 The Member Will Have Continued
Access To Member Resources.

The primary resource is the The Strategic Archives CMS Community Forum;

The CoP That Drives The Profession's Own
Knowledge, Know How and NOWledge
5) Continue To Grow As A CMS Professional & Help Grow And Enrich Those Around You

Share Experiences & Grow CMS
Designation and Strategic Archives

Congratulations You're A CMS. Now What?

 iAccountants IP & Resources Include:

Business Operating Model, Name and Logo
Business Operating & Marketing Materials
Dedicated Marketing Funds From Fees

Group Synergies & Continued Growth Via
The Strategic Archives CMS Community

Become Valuable To
Multiple Owner Managed
Team Driven Businesses

Fulfill Core Accounting &
Memory Steward Functions

"Add Value, Not Just Numbers"

Help People Make Better
 Business and Financial Decisions
Consider Our iAccountant Option

What Exactly Does An iAccountant Do?

For Multiple Owner Managed, Team Driven Businesses
Levering CPA and CMS Capabilities & Skill Sets

iAccountants Promises
Service that takes all your tax compliance pain away
and reporting appropriate to your KPIs
Liaise With and Support Financial Statement Assurance Providers

Focus On Client Success
Regular Reporting & Discussion On Predictive & Performance Based KPI's
Trusted Wisdom
Questions leading to designed result

Build Relationships that help you to be successful
      Powerful Seminars for strategic decisions       


Open Source Software User and Champion
        We know, use and champion quality free OSS!!!

Your Virtual Tax Partner
Is Available 24\7\ 365 Days Per Year
For Canadian Tax, Accounting & Practice Support

      Private, Secure Communication & Collaboration
Around Envisioned End State
Client Can Host Simple Machines On Own Web Server Or Use Host
Current Client Tech Team Can Easily Get Simple Machines Up And Running

You Create Configured, Private, Secure Forums That Reflect
What Your Client Does
 And Helps Them Become Better At It

A Basis For Engagements & CMS Central

Your Best Tool of All

Unique Community Growth Initiative
 Big Hairy Audacious Goal To Bond Together For The Long Term

Together Develop and Impact Your Community Over A Number of Years
Develop Community Scorecard With World Economic Forum Parameters

Bring Your Local Circle of Economic Influencers On Line
With Prominant Professionals and Experts and
Business Owners

Drive an Economic Gardening Initiative Designed To Understand What It Means
To Make Your Community A Better Place To Live, Work And Do Business


Become Your Local\Regional "Go To" For Private, Secure, Collaborative Forums
Communities Of Practice |  Purpose Driven Taxonomies | Simple Machines


That Benefits You, Your Clients, Your Referral Base, Your Local Business Service Network & Your Community

Your Own Local Network, On Line

What's In It For Them? Can You Offer Expertise Or Clients To Them?
How Useful Are They As A Resource?
Can They Refer Clients To You?
Are They Prospective Clients?
 How Capable Is The Group You Assembled, What Does It Still Need
Everyone's Role And Worth To The Community As A Resource
Their Contribution To Community Vision

Your Role As A CMS and iAccountant Is To Ask The Right Kinds Of Questions That Need Asking.
It's Not Always Up To You, Or Indeed Anyone Asking A Question To Necessarily Have Or Produce The Answers

Management By Questions

You Are Also There To Organize, Maintain And Contribute To The Appropriate Memories, Know How And NOWledge

Of The Various Communities of Practice You Create For Your Business, Clients And Community

That Includes Administration Rights In Those Simple Machines Forums You Organize And Are Stewards Of

If You Choose Not To Become An iAccountant
You Will Still Be a CMS And Know

How To Organize Important Things That Should Be Remembered
You Will Have The Ability To Purpose Communities of Practice
Into Secure Collaborative Environments Around a Tailored Taxonomy
That Reflects What The Raison D'etre Requires

File:World map blank without borders.svg

All CMS Members And Candidates Have Access The Strategic Archives Community Of Practice

Available To Start All Installations & Consult With Colleagues
This Group Of Professionals Are Dedicated To Maintaining Proficiency In Creating And Maintaining
Private and Secure Cloud Based Collaboration Communities
Designed To Capture Strategic Memories, Know How and NOWledge

You Will Have The Insights and Tools  To
Create Purposed Communities of Practice

The CMS Designation Is Administered By Info L inc As Registrar

Info L inc is currently seeking 20 Or So interested and qualified Canadian CPA's to become Its founding Group of Members In Mid 2019
Primary instructor is Taxboard.ca founder John B Voorpostel, CPA, CA. Taxboard is a leading Canadian Community of Practice For Tax and Accounting Professionals
Look on Info L inc as the incubator of a nascent self governing profession. At some point in the future, and on terms and conditions, full ownership of the designation and its related IP will be transferred to its Members

The CMS Community of Practice at StrategicArchives.ca for members and students will grow as Chartered Memory Stewards graduate
Strategic Archives as a business template Will Incorporate New Learning and Experience as CMS Members Use It For Their Installations And As The Community Grows and Interacts
The community will grow in value as membership's collective experience grows and as corporate memory stewardship emerges as a profession

It is Info L inc intent to create a core group, much like Taxboard's TAGteam, to drive the profession and CoP community forward
Strategic Archives is a Registered Trademark Owned by Info L inc
iAccountants Names and Tools, Templates, Methods and Related IP Are Owned By Info L Inc And Licensed To Users

Taxboard Is Owned By Info L Inc and Its TAGteam Who Founded and Drive Its Community Of Practice
The Designation and Corporate Memory Steward Self Study Course Are The Properties of Info L inc

Simple Machines Does Not Endorse Info L inc Or its Forums Or Businesses In Any Way. We At Info L inc On The Other Hand Love Simply Machines
CPA Canada Does Not Endorse The Chartered Memory Steward Designation In Any Way. Info L inc On The Other Hand Considers CPAs As Uniquely Qualified To Blossom As Chartered Memory Stewards 


 Info L inc
 120 Meadowbank Road
 Toronto, Canada, M9B 5E4
 416-695-4874    Email Inquiries

    Info L inc Is A Canadian Innovator In The Use Of Communities Of Practice For Team Driven Businesses

    Provide Private, Secure, Cloud Based Communities of Practice Organized Around Appropriate Taxonomies
    That Reflect Their People, Discussions, Decisions Activities and Resources

    With a Focus On Strategically Important Business Knowledge, Know-how and NOWledge
    Users Constantly Maintain As They Collaborate With Their Business Teams And Community

    Info L inc Has Designed & Administers This Designation And Related IP, Tools, and Public Practice Option
    For CPA's Who Wish To Differentiate Themselves Among Their Peers In An Important, Valuable Way
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