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                           Professionally Organize Your Client's Vision and Version of Success


 Empower & Enable Endeavor Drivers 

  CREATECommunities of Endeavor TM

Collaborate & Communicate Securely Via An On Line Community You And Your Clients Can Access From Anywhere, Any Time, Any Device.

Organize Around Important Discussions, Decisions, Activities,  Resources,  Knowledge, Craft,  Outcomes,
All Aligned With Their Intended Envisioned End States

Community Members Collaborate Easier, Work Smarter And Remember And Learn More

Community Keeps Memories Of  What People Remember When They Go Home At Night, Sometimes For Good

PLUS You Eliminate Email Headaches

Opportunities Everywhere
Collaboration & Engagement Platform For
Collaborative Efforts & Endeavors Of All Kinds

Help Organize, Mobilize & Profitably Achieve Client's Envisioned End State

Organize Attention and Focus
On Client's Desired Outcomes
     Communication & Collaboration
     Quality of Ideas & Discussions & Learning
     Ability to Articulate and Develop Their Outcomes & Future

     Help Clients Vigorously Enable
     Their Strategic Outcome Generators




Tangible Benefits

Available To Adapt And Tailor Strategic Archives Template
Gain Expertise, Powerful Tools,  Professional Value Added
Become More Important To Clients Outcomes
Offer Higher Value Strategic Services 

Leading Edge Thinking & Enhanced Client Means To Succeed
Closer Bonds To Endeavor Drivers & Teams

Enhanced Image

Business Benefits
Highly Defensible Competitive Edge
Work From Anywhere, Any Device, Any Time
Mutual Support Via Strategic Archives CMS Community
Tools & Know How To Add To Your Arsenal Of Capabilities

CPA Canada Recognizes We Have To Go Beyond
Numbers To Remain Relevant And urges Us To
Better understand what drives Business value.

Identifying and organizing strategic memories
And Resources, and asking insightful questions
is a Valuable client service

Creating and contributing to a Client'
s Private,
Secure Community of Endeavor Is Another

Take This Opportunity To Embrace The Future
Envisioned By CPA Canada
Register Today!
    NOTE CPA Canada Will Recognize Course As Verifiable
    PD but does not otherwise endorse us in any way

Chartered Memory Steward Public Practice Consideration
More Valuable Clients, Higher Value Activities & Outcomes

                              Create Purposed Communities of Endeavor At Will

Adding Value, Not Just Numbers
Create & Become The Hub Of Your Own
Cloud Based Business Service Network

What's In It For Them In Joining Local Community Hub?
Can You Offer Them Expertise Or Clients?
How Useful Are They As A Resource?
Can They Refer Clients To You?
Are They Prospective Clients?

How Capable Is The Group You Assembled?
What Does It Still Need?
Required Roles &  Resources?
Organize Collective Contribution To Community Vision
  Local Marketing Hook
 Service Menu

Organize Unique Community Growth Initiative

 Big Hairy Audacious Goal To Bond Together For The Long Term

Together Develop and Impact Your Community Over A Number of Years
Develop Community Scorecard With World Economic Forum Parameters
Bring Your Local Circle of Economic Influencers On Line
With Prominant Professionals and Experts and
Business Owners

Help Organize an Economic Gardening Initiative Designed
 To Make Your Community A Better Place To Live, Work And Do Business

Valuable Resource For Multiple Owner Managed, Team Driven Businesses
Levering CPA and CMS Capabilities & Skill Sets

Service that takes all your accounting and tax compliance pain away
Liaise With and Support Financial Statement Assurance Providers
Regular Reporting & Discussion On Predictive & Performance Based KPI's
Trusted Wisdom Questions leading to designed result
Build Relationships that help you to be successful 

Powerful Seminars
 for strategic decisions

Create Purposed
Communities of Endeavor

Where You Directly Collaborate With Your Client
Toward Their Own Envisioned Success
 You Create Private, Secure Professional Grade Collaboration and Communication Forums

A Basis For Engagements & CMS Central

On-Line Craft And Skills And Competence Resources
Chartered Memory Steward Community Of Practice

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