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Learn To Mind Strategic Numbers Resources, Memories & Questions                                      


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Work And Bill As You Learn

Grow Beyond Numbers And Your CPA With The Skills & Tools Of A Chartered Memory Steward
Purposefully Organized
Communities of Endeavor

International Enquiries
Become An Integral Driver Of Client Success
Learn How To Improve
     Communication & Collaboration & On Line Engagement
     Quality of Ideas & Discussions & Learning
     Ability to Articulate and Develop Their Future

This Will Enable You To
     Become A Beyond Numbers Professional
     Lever a Highly Defensible Competitive Edge
     Work From Anywhere, Any Time, Any Device

Totally Re-invent Yourself To Mind
    Strategic Numbers, Resources, Memories and Questions For
    Strategic People, Discussions, Decisions, Activities and Resources
 For Canadian CPA

Only Canadian Bank EFT

$2,995 + HST
 Enquire About Special  Introductory Course Fee

Tax Deductible, HST refundable

$825 + HST

     Annual Renewal Fees
    Designation and Resource Network Access
Tax Deductible, HST refundable
(See Below For More Membership Information)

150 Hours Certified PD

All Candidate Work Is Done On Line Via
  Self Study
  Group Webinars
  Strategic Archives CoP

 Recognized Outcome
Become Professionally Capable Of Creating And Maintaining Private and Secure Cloud Based Communities Of Endeavor

You Will Learn How To
Identify & Articulate & Organize Around Strategic Resources and Questions
reate And Contribute To Communities Of Endeavor
Administer Core 4 Stewardship Over Numbers, Resources, Memories And Questions

Certification Is Done Using Simple Machines®

Simple Machines® OSS Is Our Recommended Standard For A Privately Hosted, Fully Featured Community Forum

Minimum Design Standards
Professional Level Expertise In Building Private, Secure, Cloud Based Communities of Endeavor from Strategic Archives Templates

Designation Standards

Be Able To Professionally Organize, Curate & Contribute To Strategically Important Business Memories For A Private Secure On Line Community

Participations Standards
Continuing Growth And Contribution To Building Valuable Common Resources Supporting The Craft Of Endeavor Memory Stewardship.

Course Details

CPA Canada
In Drivers Of Future Value

Intangible Assets Drive Business Success

 Chartered Memory Steward

Sees Intangible Assets As Enabling Resources
And Monetizes Economic Insights Into
What Endeavor Drivers Need To Succeed

It Should take about 150 hours of Self Study + Seminars + Practical Learning Time + You Demonstrating Capability and Readiness To Become a Chartered Memory Steward. Note this is an estimate. The acid test is demonstrated capability using Simple Machines to design a private secure community forum according to CMS principles and as represented to and accepted by The Registrar.

Candidate Self Study Materials link to self learning resources that prepare you for the 150 hours of seminars and Strategic Archives interaction. 

These include a copy of Wissensmanagement Forum's Illustrated Guide To Knowledge Management, arguably the best overview ever of knowledge management. We advise starting with it and glancing though it and getting the highlights. Then go through the other links and come back to the guide in the end and have a closer look. Afterwards keep it as a member because as you learn more there will always be more in it to put to use

The hours are somewhat elastic in that 150 hours may not be sufficient time for some candidates to meet membership requirements, while some could need less. In the end it is all about demonstrating professional level competence and capability in designing a Community of Endeavor according to Registrar standards and judgement.

Webinars are presented by Taxboard and CMS founder John B Voorpostel CPA, CMS. Taxboard has become the Leading Community Of Practice For Canadian Tax And Accounting Professionals.

Blending his background in accounting and economics and real business with ideas he has been exposed to from publications and people he has met in his more than 40 years helping business owners make better business and financial decisions, John has assembled an arsenal of valuable resources for CPAs willing to invest in themselves to become Chartered Memory Stewards 

Interaction with others in the Strategic Archives Community of Practice For Corporate Memory Stewards is a significant part of the learning experience and final candidate assessment. It Is Also Important In Moving Forward As A Resource For Members And Their Engagements, And A Place For Them To Grow And Their Enhance Their Craft and practice Of Building Communities Of Endeavor

Candidates require a web host with Cpanel or equivalent that automates the Simple Machines server scripts. Web hosting plans are easy to obtain and cheap and tax deductible. If you have a website now, it's not a lot of work to get Simple Machines up and running. If you do not currently have a web hosting relationship your main business moving forward will require you to have a web site and for some of you will include hosting websites. Lastly, maybe firstly, choose a client to become a CMS with.

If you need a good provider Canadian Web Hosting is a place to start

Designated CPA's automatically qualify for Taxboard membership, Canada's foremost Community of Practice for Canadian tax and accounting professionals. This Free Resource Has Membership Restrictions which Canadian CPAs meet


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The CMS Designation Is Administered By Info L inc As Registrar
Look On Info L Inc As The Incubator Of A Nascent Self Governing Profession.
At Some Point In The Future, And On Terms And Conditions, Full Ownership Of The Designation And Its Related IP Will Be Transferred
To Its Members

The CMS Community Of Practice Is Located At StrategicArchives.Ca
Membership Is Restricted To Members And Candidates And Will Grow As Chartered Memory Stewards Graduate
The Community Will Grow In Value As Members' Collective Experience Grows The Template(s) And Corporate Memory Stewardship Emerges Into a Valuable Specialty and Profession
As Such The Price Of Community Membership Will Rise As Membership Increases. In Canada Total Community Membership Is Currently Capped At 500 And Will Roll Out Strategically 
All Members Can Earn Referral & Participation Points. As The Community Grows It Will Need Teachers, Mentors, Profession Builders and More

Simple Machines Does Not Endorse Info L inc Or its Forums Or Businesses In Any Way. We At Info L inc On The Other Hand Love Simple Machines
CPA Canada Does Not Endorse The Chartered Memory Steward Designation In Any Way. Info L inc On The Other Hand Considers CPAs As Uniquely Qualified To Evolve and Flourish as Chartered Memory Stewards 

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 Etobicoke Ontario M9C 4W7
 John at Infolinc dot CA

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