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Eligible For Annual CPA PD Credit

 Required Pre Requisites To Admission As a Chartered Memory Steward Candidate

CPA Canada Released  Foresight, Reimagining The Profession In Mid 2019 Which Charts A Way Forward Toward What It Sees As A Possible Future
A Valuable Service Opportunity Presents Itself

SMF Learning Objectives Center On
Getting SMF Up & Running On A Web Server
& Organizing A Forum Appropriately

CMS Principles Apply To Other Collaborative Environments such as Slack, Ryver, MSTeams, Flock etc

Simple Machines Is Recommended
For Private Forums As Are Self Administered Hosting Services With Cpanel

Gain An Understanding Of The Approaches And Development Of Knowledge Management, Communities of Practice, And Simple Machines

This Will Help You As A CMS Candidate In Seminars And Inside The Strategic Archives Member and Student Community of Practice. Even If You Are Not Interested In Becoming a CMS, This Course Is A Useful Primer To Both KM AND Simple Machines

For CPAs, Think Of Simple Machines as Accounting Software Except It Maintains Memories.

So Just like you need to know the basics of Accounting Software installation and set up and how to tailor a chart of accounts, you need to learn To Proficiently Wield Simple Machines As Your Tool. Note Simple machines is not required To implement what you learn. You can definbitely transfer that To Other Kinds Of Collaboration Software.

The On Line Materials In This Course Are Freely Available To Everyone So It Makes Sense To Pass Free Along In A Way That Helps Us Both. Slideshare and Youtube Are The Largest Link Destinations.

You Will Also Need To Visit Amazon Because We Can't Come Close To Their Prices In Getting Two Important Books In Your Hands. They're by Etienne Wenger and there are Amazon links to both of them below. Etienne coined the term Communities of Practice and businesses around the world have begun taking notice Of the power of his ideas in organizing their collaborative activities.
PD Info
Non Verifiable PD

For A CPA Unless Registered

120 Verifiable CPA PD Hours

Excludes Credit For Etienne Wengers Books.
They Should Be Part Of Everyone's NVPD

   Theory And Basics
     Self Study Materials\Base Learning Requirement
    Registered CMS Candidates Receive More
    Self Study Materials,  Seminars, & Guidance
    Via Strategic Archives Development Forum

An understanding of KM fundamentals and approaches is required to partake meaningfully in the CMS Community of Practice at

These Self Study Materials Will Take a Few Hours a Day Over The Next Week Or Two To Go  Through.

You Could Of Course Plow Through It. Note this includes Simple Machines Learning. We advise against that because As You Learn Incrementally And Mix That With Your Day To Day Experiences, You Absord Things Better And Develop A Better Appreciation For The Power Of Memory Organization And Maintenance
World Class Best KM Summary
Knowledge Management Theory

Illustrated Guide To Knowledge Management

   Yours As a Candidate. Start With It.
   Reflect On It & Understand It. Use It
   Then Keep It Keep It Handy
    Seriously. It Is That Good  

There Are Some Foundations In Knowledge Management That You Need Before Building That Onward To A CMS Designation

Knowledge Management And Business Management In General Has A History Through Some Important Ideas From Important People You Will Read About Through These Links

This Is Where You Are Heading. A Chartered Memory Steward Has The Skills And Capabilities To Professionally Create And Curate Communication & Collaboration Frameworks. This Means Appropriately Tailored To Client And According To Design Standards.



Backgrounders, Journey Through Approaches, Issues, Ideas
We Gratefully Acknowledge Wissenmanagement Forum
 For Permission To Provide This  To CMS Candidates
    Stefan Urbanek
    One   Two   Three   Four
Knowledge Management
This presentation is an excellent overview of the subject, and a good place to set the foundations for you.
    Abbas & Hanif 
Knowledge Management Overview
More foundational material

    Dr Elijay Zendu
    One     Two
Knowledge Management & Systems Technology
KM & Technology Overview , KPI's
    Yagmur Buyukemri  et al
Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management 3.0
This presentation focuses on the people component which is key to modern KM thinking,
and the notion it is best incorporated into the workflow of an organization. It also introduces the use of forums as a technical solution. 
    Albert Simard
Knowledge Managability: A New KM Paradigm
This introduces the experience of the Canadian Armed Forces, and has an excellent overview of collaboration and how to engage a KM community. It also presents a number of aspects of KM in a very effective way.
Knowledge Management Research Report
Though this report suffers from being dated, it still brings out some key points.
    World Bank
World Bank Report on CoPs
good presentation on CoP basics and issues
   Economist Intelligence Unit
Knowledge Management In Manufacturing
Survey report with findings from 315 participants in the manufacturing sector.
This is a sponsored White paper written by the The Economist
   Mohd Zin et al
Knowledge Management In Construction
This is a paper written by two professors from the University of Salford, describing issues, contexts and benefits for the construction industry.

      Sheng Wang and Raymond A Noe
Knowledge Sharing- A Review And Directions For Future Research
This is a paper that reviews research done in the area of knowledge sharing
      Mohammed H Gholami et al
The Influence of Knowledge Management on Organizational Performance
A paper that outlines KM benefits
      Klaus North et al
The Benefits of Knowledge Management
A paper that outlines KM benefits
      Younes AA Megdadi et al
Factors And benefits Of KM Management Practices In SMEs
A paper that outlines KM benefits
      Edinburgh University
KM Strategic Plan
Example of an internal strategic plan to adopt KM
  Systems and Software Approaches    
     Nitin Reddy Katkam
Types of Knowledge Management Systems
A review of the different kinds of solutions that manage knowledge assets
      Aravind & Nirmala
Comparative Study of Open Source Knowledge Management Tools
A review of the different kinds of open source solutions that manage knowledge assets
      Willem Burger
Knowledge Management And Sharepoint
A review of Sharepoint as a knowledge management tool
      Ernst & Young
Developing a Lotus Notes Solution
E&Y experience in developing their Lotus Notes KM implementation
  Communities of Practice    
      Mark Bennet

Rio Tinto Experience With CoPs
good presentation on CoP basics and use
      Etienne Wenger
COP-The Art Of Learning Together and COP and Networks
Combined presentation from a pioneer in communities of practice work
      Wissen Management Forum
Illustrated Guide to Knowledge Management
Stellar in its simplicity and content

Enterprise 2.0 Tool Myths
Presentation covering some KM myths

Enterprise 2.0 Tool Myths
Presentation focusing on the people component

Enterprise 2.0 Tool Myths
Presentation showing you how to get started
      Haitan Rachman
   One    Two    Three    Four
KM Fundamentals
Presentation covering some introductory groundwork

KM Tools
Presentation covering KM tools

KM Knowledge Maps
Presentation covering knowledge maps

KM System
Presentation covering some KM systems
      Etienne Wenger
Compulsary Reading
    Research Etienne, Google and Youtube
Etienne's books can be purchased on Amazon.

  Purposed Taxonomies     
     One Taxonomies and Metadata In Information Architecture  
     One Successful Content Management through Taxonomy and Metadata Design  
     One Organizing Knowledge- A Knowledge Manager's Primer To Taxonomy Development  

Private, Secure Collaboration & Communication Via SMF Platform
You Need To Learn The Technicals And How To Create Appropriate Taxonomies

Become A Simple Machines Community Member Now
Simple Machines Website
Register And Look Around The Organization Website
Become Familiar With Community and Resources
Community Is Your Future Source Of SMF Technical Support

About Simple Machines Forum Operations
SMF On Line Wiki Manual

What Makes Simple Machines Best Solution?
Private, Secured, Organized Discussions
Around Shared Purpose & Interests 

Vanilla Installation (Without Themes or Mods) Needs Little Attention
Knowledge Base and Articles Are Good Mods.
We Recommend No Themes

Learning Objective Here

To join the Simple Machines community because it is here you will get your primary on going technical support for your own  installations of SMF from now on.

To Explore The SMF Wiki. You Don't Need To Know This In Depth But You Do Need To Have A Good Overview So You Understand What Resources Are Avalailable There For You. 

To Obtain An Overview Of Simple Machines Administration Role,
Forum Features & Capabilities, Become Familiar With Where Things Are And What They Do

Be Aware Of Charter Member Status
Modest Annual Fee For Worthwhile Benefits 

Simple Machines Basics
     BG Tracker Great overview of Simple Machines V2.X  





Set Up SMF Forums For Your Site

How To Install Simple Machines Forum

How To Install SMG 2.X With Database

SMF Installation And Modifying

How To Set Up SMF 1.1.X
We Know There Are Other Forum Platforms Out There, And Other Open Source Forum Communities Out There Who Do Great Work.

Simple Machines Is Our CMS Choice Because It Is Easy To Administer And Host And Its Free....Leaving Value Added To You.

Any Internal Client Server Set Up And Maintenance Is The Province Of IT And The SMF Script Is Widely Available. It Is Definitely Easily Set Up Via their Current Website  

As A CMS You Do Not Want To Know The Technical Details Of SMF Unless You Want To Learn To Code. Besides Simple Machines Has Great Support Via Its Community.

Still It Is The Tool You Will Wield That Will Build Your Tailored Taxonomies, So Learn To Wield It Professionally

We Also Encourage All CMS Members Become SMF Charter Members For Its Tool Maintenance Benefits








How to find and install packages

How To Download And Install SMF

How To Manage Members In SMF

How To Modify Or Add Boards And Categories In SMF

How To Manage And Install Themes

How To Change Member Registration Settings In SMF

How To Post A New Poll In SMF

How To Configure Features And Options In SMF

The Objective Is For You Become Proficient at
Professionally Creating And Maintaining
Private and Secure Cloud Based Collaboration
Communities Designed To Capture Strategically
Important Memories of People, Discussions, Decisions, Activities and Resources

Standard Course Load  120 Hours  
Self Study Portion=This Page      30 Hours  Basics of KM, SMF Familiarization  
Self Study Portion=Remaining Materials      20 Hours  Focused On CMS Basics   
Seminars & Discussions      10 Hours  Skewed Towards Serving Business Clients  
Taxboard & Strategic Archives Forum Interaction      35 Hours  Discussions & Interactions & Contributions  
Build Your Own Purpose Driven Forum      25 Hours  Use Strategic Archives Principles Or Choose Your Own  
Note Exact Times Will Differ. That Difference Will Be Due To Individual Candidate Factors And Minor Differences From Above Schedule     

Legals. This CMS Self Study Materials Page is ©2019 CMS Canada dot org and Info L inc
Publicly Available Materials That Are Formal Pre Requisites For CMS Designation Certification


FAQs What is the CMS Designation?
A Chartered Memory Steward designation demonstrates professional competence building communities of practice around purposefully tailored taxonomies and organizing, maintaining and contributing to the strategic resources and memories that drive value in a business

A CMS Designation Is A Professional Designation Because
   It Is Based On A Specialized Body Of Knowledge
   Makes Use Of Specialized Skills & Tools

 Has A Group Identity And Mission
   And Requires Certain Standards Of Behaviour And Practice.


 What Are The Annual Maintenance requirements?
CMS designation holders will be required to complete annual continuing education (CE) and participation (CP),
pay an annual designation licensing fee,
and adhere to The Institute's Code of Professional Conduct on an ongoing basis.

Code of Professional Conduct (CPC)

A Chartered Memory Steward shall;

-at all times be a Chartered Professional Accountant In Good Standing
-act in a client’s best interests with due diligence, integrity and transparency
-acquire and demonstrate full key executive level understanding of client
-apply professional level competence in all dealings, questions asked, and work product
-respect and protect the privacy of others and the confidentiality of client information
-act with honesty and in accordance with the spirit and principles of the law
-act in a manner that reflects positively upon the designation and its membership
-report any serious breaches of this Code of Professional Conduct by members that they become aware of
-be expelled for egregious to serious breaches of this Code of Professional Conduct

Is This Eligible For Professional Development Per CPA Ontario
Yes. Successful completion of this self studies course and path to CMS accreditation qualifies as Verifiable Professional Development Credit,
while the never registering and going through these linked materials will qualify as eligible time spent on unverifiable activities


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